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Required Reading

George Will on the nature of Progressive politics:

The fundamental division in U.S. politics is between those who take their bearings from the individual’s right to a capacious, indeed indefinite, realm of freedom, and those whose fundamental value is the right of the majority to have its way in making rules about which specified liberties shall be respected.

He's far too generous. No liberties will be respected. Their goal is now that happy end state where everything not mandatory is forbidden. We'll be thrown trinkets along the way like legal marijuana (which I once used to enjoy when it was illegal) and Supreme Court-protect strippers (but now I have kids, and who has time for strip clubs anymore?). But in everything important, we already spend more and more of our time either paying taxes or following the rules or talking to a lawyer trying to figure out what the [BLEEP] the rules mean or paying off a lobbyist trying to get a breather from the rules.

Which is exactly how they want it.

Anyway -- go read Will's piece, which is a review of former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's dreadful-yet-revealing new book.