The Telling Detail


Drudge linked to this Peter Baker piece in the NYT called “3 Presidents and a Riddle Named Putin.” It’s decent analysis as far as it goes, and steeped deeply in conventional wisdom, but one bit caught my eye — and it had nothing to do with Putin, Russia, or Ukraine. Read:


Presidents tend to think of autocrats like Mr. Putin as fellow statesmen, said Dennis Blair, Mr. Obama’s first director of national intelligence. “They should think of dictators like they think of domestic politicians of the other party,” he said, “opponents who smile on occasion when it suits their purposes, and cooperate when it is to their advantage, but who are at heart trying to push the U.S. out of power, will kneecap the United States if they get the chance and will only go along if the U.S. has more power than they.”

You’ve heard it said again and again by those of us on the right, that the Democrats in general but particularly our current President, treat foreign enemies as mere opponents, and treat their domestic political opponents as enemies. But here you have our president’s own former national intelligence director saying it.

Revealing stuff, yes?

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