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It was something of a miracle that some or all of Aerosmith wasn’t dead by the mid-’80s. They cleaned up but they hadn’t had a huge hit in years. Meanwhile, hip-hop act Run-DMC was looking for a mainstream hit their own selves, since rap had yet to cross over into the mainstream.


Solution: Pair them up for a cover of Aerosmith’s biggest radio hit, “Walk This Way.”

Metal! Rap! Two great tastes that… oh, who am I kidding — it was crazy to try it.

Crazy like a fox with a huge radio hit and a hot MTV rotation.

A quarter century later this is still one of my favorite covers, and the video is rock and rap and comic genius in equal measure.

It’s also of some note that on the heels of the Run-DMC collaboration, Aerosmith went on to launch their renaissance with 1987’s Permanent Vacation and its followup album, Pump two year later.

Good (loud) times.


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