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Lecturer-in-Chief Lectures

Here's part of Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom's stern warning to Moscow:

President Barack Obama said Russia’s incursion into Ukraine is not a “sign of strength,” but rather a miscalculation that risks pushing former Soviet bloc nations further from Moscow.

“I actually think that this has not been a sign of strength, but rather, is a reflection that countries near Russia have deep concerns and suspicions about this kind of meddling,” Obama said Tuesday of the Russian military’s invasion of Crimea, a section of Ukraine which borders Russia. “And if anything, it will push countries further away from Russia.”

I believe Putin will have to make do this semester with a gentleman's C from the Professor.


I do want to reiterate here that I'm not advocating going to war over Ukraine, or even going to New Cold War over it. But this presidential foot-stomping only makes us look even worse.