Overreach or Usurpation?

AGs from 21 states are suing to stop another instance of EPA overreach:

The attorneys general filed an amicus brief earlier this month in support of the American Farm Bureau Federation’s challenge to the cleanup plan, which aims to reduce pollutants and get the [Chesapeake Bay] up to federal clean-water standards by 2025, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The states argue that the effort is “the culmination of (the EPA’s) decade-long attempt to control exactly how states achieve federal water quality requirements under the (Clean Water Act), and marks the beginning of the end of meaningful state participation in water pollution regulation.”


“The end of meaningful state participation” has always been the goal. What’s differed are the means used to achieve it.

It’s much easier — heck, it’s much more fun — to reward your friends and punish your enemies from a centralized location. Not to mention you can hang out with only likeminded people and you get to dole out the goodies on a continental scale.

Anything less is for pikers.


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