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True story.

“September” is the Earth, Wind & Fire song that turned me into an Earth, Wind & Fire fan. I’ve told the tale many times of the summers of ’78 and ’79 at day camp, jamming with my avocado green 9-volt AM radio — and this is one of the songs I was jamming to.


Flash forward 30 years to the summer of 2009 and I’m sitting in my old Wrangler with my then three-year-old Number One Son. The only money I’d ever bothered putting into that ’97 TJ Wrangler was a serious stereo with a pair of serious speakers. Not because I’m the kind of guy who likes to shake squirrels out of the trees with his bass, but because when you have a tiny truck with a big engine and an uninsulated canvas top, you’ve got to have a loud stereo to be able to hear any music at all.

So my iPod picked “September” to play, I heard the opening chords, hit pause, turned the stereo up to 11 and asked my young son, “Are you ready for the funk?” And Preston said, “I’m ready for the funk, Dad.” So I hit play and Pres cocked his head to one side and really listened to Earth, Wind & Fire for the first time and said to me, “Dad, it could be a little funkier.”

Did I ever mention I love this kid?

Anyway, I informed him that at the age of three, this is as funky as it gets.

But wait a couple years until I think he’s ready for “Let’s Groove.”

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