As California Goes...


Andrew Malcolm has the details:

Obama easily won the state’s 55 electoral votes twice, with 61% in 2008 and 60% last year. He was there again just last week, fundraising naturally, sucking up to movie moguls and, believe it or not, strangely bragging of his ability to racially-profile obvious immigrants walking around.

Even while Obama’s support crumbled elsewhere, Californians held tight to their hope for change. Despite the state’s stubbornly high and enduring unemployment rate (still at 8.7%) and emptiness of Obama’s repeat pivots to creating jobs.

But now comes a brand-new statewide Field Poll. Guess what, dude? The Illinois guy is sliding. Bad. Especially among his traditional core supporters, such as independents, youths, women and union members.

In February, 62% of Californians approved of the job performance of the White House’s top golfer. During Obama’s entire presidency his California approval was higher only once, 65% just 60 days into the job, Field reports.

Today, barely a majority of California’s registered voters approve (51%). In February, 33% disapproved of Obama’s job. Today, 43% disapprove. That’s the worst since 44% in autumn of 2011.


One of the reasons I’ve always felt Professor Wiggleroom’s floor of support is a relatively lofty 30% is California. Californians, even the bright and otherwise sane ones, tend towards political idiocy and political lunacy — and there are a lot of them. Enough to provide Wiggleroom with a national-level buoy.

But if Wiggleroom is already testing 50% with the Left Coast’s super-cool froods…

It’s a long way down, folks. A long way down.


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