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Richard Kim, I adore you right now.

You might, too, after you read this:

At this point, we don’t know if the Affordable Care Act will eventually succeed and endure, and anybody who tells you it will or won’t is indulging in ideological wish fulfillment. What does seem clear is that unless circumstances change, it will fall short of its original goal of insuring 27 million Americans by at least 5 million people—and perhaps many, many more. These shortcomings, however, are a result of government being too small—too clipped, constrained, underfunded and underpowered—to achieve Obamacare’s policy aims, not vice versa.

We have a President unhindered by law, custom, or even simple budgeting — waging war without authorization, handing out illegal waivers, altering or delaying or perhaps even abolishing laws of the land at whim.

So just what would an unclipped, unconstrained, fully-funded, and fully-powered government look like, I wonder.

Oh, what a sight that must be to behold!