Now That's Chutzpah


Ana Marie Cox beggars belief with this one, so here’s a little more just in case you think the headline was misleading:

All those accusations about how “Obama knew there would be cancellations and still lied about it”? Yes, the administration knew. But so did any reporter that read the press releases put out be the Department of Health and Human Services. To be sure, that language favored the interpretation the administration still prefers: that policy holders would have to “transition” to “ACA-compliant” plans. But there was no subterfuge about the fact of change.

Most Americans, I’m sure, still feel they were lied to. Obama’s deception will cost him and the Democratic party goodwill moving forward, and in the short term, he will face even more resistance in moving along any substantial policies. (One can reasonably ask if that’s enough of a price, given that it’s no different than the situation he was facing before.)


Yes, reporters knew. Yes, bloggers like me knew. Yes, readers like Sharp VodkaPundit Readers™ all knew.

So how come this wasn’t front-page stuff in 2010? Why wasn’t the media hectoring Wiggleroom for his lies before his lies became settled law?

Because, Ana Marie Cox, you and this lapdog media you belong to didn’t want the great unwashed getting too upset before the damnable thing built on damnable lies became the law of this once-blessed land.

That’s why.

So why don’t you “stop the faux outrage” over the very real outrage? After all, Ana, I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know.


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