Let It Burn

There seems to be some confusion over what I mean by that, so let’s clear things up.

“Let it burn” doesn’t mean running around, arsonist-style, setting fires — I’m looking at you, Senator Cruz. While I approve wholeheartedly of Cruz’s motives, the shutdown was a mistake.


“Let is burn” means having the courage of your convictions. You think ObamaCare is going to fail? Then let it. Don’t get GOP fingerprints anywhere near the thing. Don’t give Democrats excuses, even pretend excuses.

“Let it burn” means being the grownups — the firemen, if you will — with responsible solutions ready when the damnable edifice burns down and all that’s left is the empty hole of collectivism it had hidden.

“Let it burn” means there’s about to be a big mess to clean up, so you want your people to be the ones with clean hands.

“Let it burn” means, most of all, that there’s no fixing the unfixable. There’s certainly no fixing it when your party controls only the House — and half of your party is just as vile-y progressive as the Democrats. Those “Republicans” are already complicit; don’t you be.


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