There He Goes Again

Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom is making one last stand for his signature achievement, the total encrapification of American employment and health services. IE, ObamaCare:


“The president will cut through all the noise coming out of Washington,” a White House official said of the short trip to the Largo, Md., campus, which is a 14-mile car ride from the White House.

“He’ll walk through the benefits that have already strengthened insurance protections for the 85 percent of Americans who already have health insurance coverage today, and he will explain what new benefits lie ahead for those Americans who don’t have insurance today,” the official said.

If Wiggleroom’s speeches could change ObamaCare’s fortunes, it would enjoy 99% approval already and be referred to as the Puppies and Unicorns and Chocolate Sundaes That Don’t Make You Fat Act of the Benevolent Super Democrats.

But no. Wiggleroom couldn’t move the needle on ObamaCare when his poll numbers were in the 50s and 60s, before it even became a law. Now that its effects are being felt, and his poll numbers are in the low-mid-40s… well, as I often say to Ben Bernanke, “You just keep on pushing that string.”

The fact is, O-Care is still a big stinking turd and will remain a big stinking turd. The only difference is, now I have to listen to another damn speech about it.

Yes, I’m cranky this morning. Wouldn’t you be?


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