Your Fail of the Day

This is just embarrassing for folks in Maryland, or ought to be. Here’s your esteemed (cough, cough) governor in the Washington Post.


Meanwhile, here’s what’s going on in Texas.



And here’s the state of the state in Maryland.


Texas, mind you, is dealing with a huge influx of new people from failing blue states — like Maryland. The “native” unemployment rate in Texas, for people living there before the Great Recession, is under five percent. O’Malley can’t even think that small.

Maryland has another an unfair advantage over Texas. It’s lucky enough to border our imperial capital city, which is now the richest area in the country. That helps creates jobs and demand in Maryland which Texans (and the rest of the country) must help pay for.

What Maryland does better than Texas is spend other people’s money.

The Texas model is sustainable. Maryland’s is dependent upon Washington.

I’ll take Texas.


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