Name! That! Pundit!

It’s the exciting political game the whole family can play, especially family members who might have recently suffered brain trauma of some kind.

Today’s pundit has been in Washington for many years, has silver-white hair, and worked for many important publications — including the Wall Street Journal. Here’s what he has to say this morning:


President Barack Obama risks getting stuck with a rap as toxic as an unpopular war or a troubled economy: incompetence.

The White House says that what matters is the outcome, not the process. Yet the administration’s overall handing of the Syrian situation, particularly in the last two weeks, has friends and foes shaking their heads. The U.S. government’s response has been anything but measured, coherent and purposeful. It’s hard to argue with Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona that this performance “makes you a little queasy.”

Incompetence! Friends and foes shaking their heads! Queasy!

My, such language.

Can you name that white-maned pundit?

Is it neocon meanie Bill Kristol? Could it be former GOP presidential candidate and former Crossfire cohost Newt Gingrich?


It’s Bloomberg’s leftwing stalwart, Albert Hunt.

But thanks for playing, and we’ll see you next time on Name That Pundit!


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