Please Remove Your Foot from My Mouth

I probably shouldn’t bother with this, because it’s either a minor bit of assholery which is best ignored, or it’s an innocent mistake and I’ll look like the ass for bringing it up. But it’s been bugging me since last night, so here’s how Joe Gandelman linked to last night’s drunkblog:


Drunkblogging by Vodka Pundit Stephen Green (who says he invented live blogging)

I feel kind of bad mentioning that The Moderate Voice is also using Tynt, which is the armpit of the internet, but there you go.

Here’s what I actually claimed:

I’m the guy who invented live drunkblogging of political events, so far as I know, sometime in 2003 if memory serves.

I never claimed to have invented liveblogging, but rather a very narrow and limited subset of liveblogging — and then only if my alcohol-impaired knowledge is correct. It’s not a claim to very much, and it’s not a very strong claim, but I guess it’s mine.

Now I figure Joe probably didn’t read my words correctly, and — all’s forgiven. That kind of mistake is easy to make, especially given the pressures of liveblogging, which I totally invented all by myself and you all owe me money for stealing my intellectual property. And in any case, the linkage from a fellow longtime blogger is always appreciated.


But there’s also a chance that Joe was trying to make me look like an ass. [I CLAIM THAT JOE WAS TOTALLY TRYING TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE AN ASS AND HE ALWAYS WILL BECAUSE HE STOLE LIVEBLOGGING FROM ME WHICH I INVENTED!] And if anyone does want to make me look like an ass, I’d much rather they use things I actually wrote, instead of making stuff up.

There’s plenty to choose from, I assure you.


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