You Used to Pay for That?

Another newspaper pretty much gives up trying to make money on the web:

The San Francisco Chronicle will publish its content on both and, effectively ending its paywall. The Chronicle launched its paywalled site, — which featured premium content — in late March.

Back when I lived in San Francisco, I took three daily papers. The NYT for news, the WSJ for business news, and the Chron because it had comics. It’s just never been a good paper. There was the late Herb Caen’s column if you liked some local color, name dropping, and ellipses in places where better writers would have used words to move you from one subject to the next. Then there’s Debra Saunders as the token libertarian-conservative. I liked her then and still do, but that’s about it. The Chron is a lousy paper, and has been for a very long time.