Senator Sheepraper (D-HI)

Senator Sheepraper

You’re going to want at least 1/2 cup of brain bleach ready before clicking the link. Or maybe this is all you really need:

U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz once led a fraternity that got into trouble with the law and animal welfare groups for threatening to sodomize a sheep.

“The Phi Delta fraternity has been charged with engaging in cruelty to animals by the Pomona Valley Humane Society after a Campus Security officer found a sheep locked in a social room closet being used by the fraternity,” wrote Brandon Stafford of Pomona’s school newspaper, The Student Life on April 8, 1994.


Asked to comment, a spokesman for Senator Schatz said, “Baaaaaa.”

What? It was either that or something with, “I did not have sexual relations with that… ruminant.”


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