Joe Biden Sees Squirrel, Six More Weeks of Winter

GQ wants to know why Joe Biden is the butt of so many jokes — in a profile including this bit:

He doesn’t wear funny hats. He is not the guy with the lampshade on his head. Listen, folks, he has no desire to put a fucking lampshade on his head. He is not that guy.

“People make jokes,” I say.

“It’s about ideas,” he says, then stops himself. He’s holding his aviators, twirling. It goes awkwardly on like this.

“I have read as much or know as much about foreign policy, domestic policy,” he says. “Remember all that talk about the debate? How the other guy”—Paul Ryan—”was supposed to be the numbers guy and knew all the detail? Remember? Listen, I look forward to those kinds of things—”

He falls silent again. We pass a basketball court, kids playing.

“I never speak about anything I don’t know a great deal about,” he says. “That I haven’t worked like hell for. But that’s not what you’d expect. You might expect Clinton to do that…. Well, I shouldn’t. I’m getting—” He looks out the window.


It’s a mystery.

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