Here's Your Pitiful Bribe

Here comes the White House pushback on ObamaCare:

President Obama fought back rising criticism of his sweeping Obamacare health care reform with a defiantly simple message Thursday: the check is in the mail.

Obama went into campaign mode as he underscored benefits already flowing to an estimated 8.5 million Americans who on average have begun to receive $100 rebates from health insurers as a result of Obamacare, officially called the Affordable Care Act.

Those checks result from a rule requiring insurers to spend at least 80 percent of premiums on medical care, not administrative expenses. If they don’t, rebates go to consumers.

The President unveiled the details of the rebates in a campaign-like appearance at the White House that had him introduced by Morgan Theriot, a self-employed woman from Silver Spring, Md., who got a $267 check. She was accompanied by her son and daughter.


Lovely. The Democrats upended the entire medical system, turned the insurance companies into wards of the state, chased doctors out of practiced, is herding the rest into conglomerates, made paperwork worse for everybody, and crippled small business, just for the opportunity to have a photo-op with a woman getting a three-figure rebate check.

That’s ObamaCare at work.


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