Dude, Where's My Mandate?

Big vote in the House yesterday:

The House voted Wednesday to delay implementation of the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act until 2015.

Twenty-two Democrats joined almost all Republicans in approving the bill 251-174. Virginia Rep. Morgan Griffith was the sole Republican to oppose the bill.


I’m on Griffith’s side on this one, although I have no idea why he voted like he did.

Rather, the GOP should be passing something to mandate that the President follow his own damn law and enforce the business mandate as, you know, mandated by law. Re-mandate it or something. But this lawlessness has got to stop. The President can’t be allowed to pick and choose which laws, especially ones he campaigned for non-stop, he’s going to enforce.

Is it a bad law? Is it a ruinous law? All the better. Maybe then we can get this abomination stricken from the books.


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