GOP Game Plan

Here’s what’s brewing on the Hill:

After more than two years of voting repeatedly and unsuccessfully to repeal the health care law, Republicans believe they are getting traction thanks to what they see as the Obama administration’s self-inflicted wound over the employer mandate.

House leaders began devising strategies that would most likely start this month with multiple votes, the first to codify the one-year delay on the employer mandate, then another to demand a delay on the individual mandate. They calculate that Democrats would first vote to back the administration’s decision, and would then have a hard time opposing the second measure.


I’m of two minds on this one. As a patriot, anything to delay or repeal any part of this monstrosity of a “reform” law is good for the country, good for the economy, and good for our people. As a practical man, I might council a different tack. What if instead of using this clusterfudge as a way to try and fix the unfixable, the GOP used it as one of those teachable moments? Pass legislation, bring suits to court, anything to force the Administration to comply with its own impossible legislation?

The law says “do it by 2014.” Well — make them do it. Make them accountable. Make them live with the consequences of the horrible legislative rape they committed against the country back in 2010.

The GOP would take some lumps too, sure. But it’s a bigger lose for the Democrats, and I think that’s vital in this case.


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