How Do I Fail You? Let Me Count the Ways...

Jen Rubin lists seven reasons why the ObamaCare delay is a BFD:

1. It proves the president’s assurances that everything was 100 percent on track to be false. His credibility is low now; this may send it skidding further.

2. This gives every Republican the “I told you it was a mess” argument in 2014.

3. It also gives Republicans encouragement that they can prevent the mandate from ever going forward and can see Obamacare collapse under its own weight.

4. The delays are another instance in which Obama’s support for big government will undermine Americans’ faith in it. It is all too unwieldy to run well.

5. It will open the floodgates to arguments that the rest of the law should be delayed as well. (See #2.)

6. It will fuel the meme that Obama’s second term is a flat-out disaster.

7. And if Obamacare is in tatters, what has Obama accomplished in his presidency?


That last point is a bit unfair. He did after all rescue Egypt from its military junta.


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