Massive Magpul Mag Mugging

Magpul Industries is the Erie, Colorado magazine manufacturer being chased out of Colorado by our restrictive new gun laws. But they’re not leaving without giving Governor Hickenlooper and the Democrat Assembly one final middle-finger salute:


The ammunition magazine manufacturer will take part in the “A Farewell to Arms” festival in Infinity Park in Glendale on Saturday.

On July 1, the law — which limits bans gun magazines to hold no more than 15 rounds and was signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper in March — goes into effect.

The first 1,500 attendees who are at least 18 years old will get a magazine, the company’s Web page said. The event is hosted by the nonprofit Free Colorado, which advocates for the rights of gun owners, according to its website.

I’m going to try to get up there for the big event, but Dana Loesch and Kelly Maher will be there for sure.

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