So That's the Other Thing in It

Did you know that ObamaCare features a never-ending, $2,000,000,000-a-year slush fund? Of course you did:

What makes the Prevention and Public Health Fund controversial is its multibillion-dollar size, its unending nature (the fund never expires), and its vague spending mandate: any program designed “to improve health and help restrain the rate of, growth” of health-care costs. That can include anything from “pickleball” (a racquet sport) in Carteret County, N.C. to Zumba (a dance fitness program), kayaking and kickboxing in Waco, TX.

“It’s totally crazy to give the executive branch $2 billion a year ad infinitum to spend as they wish,” said budget expert Jim Capretta of the conservative Ethics and Public Policy Center. “Congress has the power of the purse, the purpose of which is to insure that the Executive branch is using taxpayer resources as Congress specified.”

Congress punted on that power ages ago. Besides, unsupervised billions for feel-good BS — a natural Democratic constituency — is exactly the kind of thing Pelosi and Reid live for.