The Wilting Lilies of Modern Feminism

Feminists are waging war on Facebook? I didn’t know, but I’m hardly surprised. Here’s Cathy Young with some of the latest:

Another leader of the initiative, Huffington Post columnist Soraya Chemaly, can be—to put it charitably—overzealous in her vigilance toward allegedly misogynistic expression. In an April column, Chemaly not only cheered a University of Connecticut student who had criticized the school’s revamped Husky Dog logo as too mean-looking and thus “terrifying” to women, but made a bizarre new charge: that UConn’s mascot was based on a “popular rape meme” on the Internet.

Chemaly was referring to “Insanity Wolf,” a series of user-made graphics with texts describing extremely dumb and/or psychopathic acts—from “Wanna know how a flamethrower works? Come closer!” to “Grandpa has fallen and he can’t get up: Finish him”—on a background image of a snarling wolf. A few of these deliberately outrageous jokes are about rape or domestic violence; others mock child abduction, cannibalism, murder of male victims and (male) self-injury, especially genital mutilation. “Insanity Wolf” is not a “rape meme,” and its only resemblance to the UConn Husky logo is that each features a canine head.


People post this pictures on Facebook, therefore Facebook is guilty of… something.

Anyway, we now live in an age where strong women demonstrate their strength by becoming self-proclaimed victims of damn near anything. And where independence means pressuring everything and everybody to move in drab lockstep together.

Is there anything, just one damn issue, where vile progressives don’t engage in the most obvious and spiteful projection?


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