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Kidnap Hero Refuses Reward

This is from CNN's interview with Charles Ramsey after he helped save Amanda Berry from ten years of rape and imprisonment:

Since the events of Monday afternoon in Cleveland, Ramsey seems to largely reject the hero worship heaped upon him. Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the suddenly famous man again eschewed the label, telling the anchor his action were simple common decency:

“No, no, no. Bro, I’m a Christian, an American, and just like you. We bleed same blood, put our pants on the same way. It’s just that you got to put that – being a coward, and I don’t want to get in nobody’s business. You got to put that away for a minute.”

During the interview, Cooper mentioned a reward offered by the FBI for information leading to the whereabouts of Amanda Berry, but Charles Ramsey seemed wholly uninterested — in fact, he believes any money offered should go not to him, but to Berry:

“I tell you what you do, give [the reward] to them. Because if folks been following this case since last night, you been following me since last night, you know I got a job anyway. Just went picked it up, paycheck.”

What a man.