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Hot for Teacher

Let's get right to the juicy meat of the story:

Carly McKinney was fired from her job as a high school math teacher after the 23-year-old wrote posts on her Twitter about students being “jail bait” and posting half naked photos of herself.

According to 9 News, Carly McKinney was fired from her job as a high school math teacher at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado for posting half-naked photos of herself on her Twitter while also writing postings about using drugs at school and calling students jail bait. While the Twitter page has been taken down, the damage has been done as the 23-year-old as placed on paid administrative leave on Tuesday for her explicit Twitter posts.

So apparently even if I had ever had a hottie 23-year-old stoner math teacher, I wouldn't have been allowed to sleep with her. And as a middle-aged married man with kids, I'm still not allowed to sleep with her. My actual seventh-grade math teacher looked something like a boiled whole potato.

Life is so unfair.

According to Bing Image Search, this is also McKinney. Not that I spent the morning on Bing Image Search.