Friday Night Videos

Was David Lee Roth the greatest rock’n’roll frontman of all time? Is that even a question? Of course he was. His solo career was a little uneven, if by “a little” we mean “horribly.” But there were some real gems buried under the other stuff.


When this one came out in 1991, I was back together and living with the Spooky Chick (aka Matt Groening’s “Woman from Mars“) for another round. The thrill was gone, but the sex was still deeply weird — and there are worse ways to kill time while you wait for a relationship’s other shoe to drop. Anyway, we were talking Diamond Dave.

Out of the blue — we never did this kind of thing for each other anymore — she tells me she’s just heard this song and she knows I’ll love it. It was David Lee Roth, and neither one of us were exactly fans. How or where she found it I’ll never know. But she put on the tape and sure enough, I loved the song.

Still do.

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