Assault Weapons Are Bad for Your iPhone and Other Living Things

If it’s a day ending in Y, the progs must have their panties in a wad about something. Today, it’s an iPhone app from the NRA. You’re going to love the over-the-top screechiness of TechCrunch’s headline:


NRA’s New First-Person Shooter For Ages 4+ Profits From Assault Weapons Upgrades

NRA! First-person shooter! Children! Profits! Assault weapons!

I’m not sure it’s possible to fit any more proggie boogie men into a single headline. I mean, did you see they mentioned profits in there? They must get all skeevy just thinking about those.

The lede graf is just as (ahem) loaded:

The National Rifle Association must have a media mole inside their executive team directing the organization to conjure up the most incendiary policies imaginable. Today, the NRA released a mobile first-person shooter game for Apple’s iOS, suitable for children as young as 4 years old. Just in case that didn’t offend enough people, children can purchase military-grade assault weapons for the price of a pack of gum, if a simple pistol doesn’t satisfy their young trigger finger.

Gregory Ferenstein goes on — and on — like that for a few more grafs, even using the word “profiteer” at one point, I kid thee not. But the very first comment defuses the whole thing:

This is sickening… Damn you NRA…. C’mon really? Only an iOS version?

Android owners must be up in arms.


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