Who's a Petty Boy? Who? Who?

We’ve reached a point in this campaign, where the ridiculousness of Empty Chair’s audacity is now leaps and bounds beyond by ability to describe. It’s beyond my ability to simply cope with it on a personal level. By last week, all I was left was my grandfather’s “Oh fer cryin’ out loud.” Today I’m reduced to “Oh for f***’s sake.” Seriously, that’s all I could say at first after reading this report from ABC News:


Conceding that he failed to deliver at last week’s debate, President Obama says he was “just too polite” and that voters should expect “a little more activity” next week in round two.

Too polite? I apologize if you just spewed coffee all over your iPad.

Empty Chair spent the debate staring at his shoes, refusing to make eye contact with his opponent, whining at the moderator, and in general giving off a vibe that just reeked of “I CAN BURN HOLES IN YOUR SOUL WITH MY EYES!” My six-year-old is more accommodating when he gets dragged out to the department store to try on new clothes.

And that’s what President Petulant calls “too polite?” This guy wouldn’t know polite if it came up behind him and cheerfully said “Bless you!” after an especially wet sneeze.

The sooner this clueless boor is gone from the White House, the better.


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