Where Are the White Women At?

Caught this on Twitter from FreedomWorks’ Kemberlee Kaye:

Hi @nbcpolitics, why did you selectively edit out the speeches of Mia Love, Artur Davis, Ted Cruz and Luce Fortuno? Hmm?

Hmm, indeed. And that’s not just the part-time coverage from NBC, but also the supposedly full-time coverage from the vile progs at MSNBC.

We have a black, female mayor and GOP candidate for Congress. A black former Democrat congressman who changed to a Republican — who had also served as one of Obama’s co-national chairmen in 2008. We have the Hispanic GOP candidate for the US Senate from Texas, who earned his nomination from out of nowhere on a wave of Tea Party, grassroots, and new media support. And we have the First Lady of Puerto Rico, whose husband is also a member of the Republican National Committee.

So who did NBC bother to show us last night?

I dunno. I wasn’t watching. I tuned in to some other network. But NBC has been getting a lot of that the last few years.

ASIDE: After watching not-NBC last night, I tweeted, “I don’t toss around the word Reaganesque lightly, if at all. But @MiaBLove? Reaganesque.” Her performance last night — and the way the MSM ignored her — might go some small way toward explaining this:

Tuesday night after rising GOP star Mia Love brought down the house with her inspiring convention speech, the stomach-turning Left labeled the black conservative a “token” and an “Aunt Tom.”

Meanwhile, revoltingly racist, woman-hating Wikipedia vandals were hard at work updating her entry with disgusting slurs like “House Nigger” and “dirty, worthless whore.” The page called her a “total sell-out to the Right Wing Hate machine and the greedy bigots who control the GOP.”

The vile progs have never acted so desperately in my lifetime. If you missed her speech, here’s why.

“When tough times came, [my parents] didn’t look to Washington. They looked within.”

She’s one amazing lady.