AZ Democrat Linda Lopez: "The troops should just go f*** themselves." [PWNED!]

The state senator seems such a lovely lady:

Senator Linda Lopez (D-29, AZ), a member of the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, was apparently quoted during the interview as saying “the troops should just go fuck themselves.” Lopez continues to claim that her remarks have been “taken out of context” and that she is in fact a huge supporter of the U.S. military.

It’s not the first time Lopez is being questioned for something she said. In the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting, she told an interviewer that the shooter was “probably a veteran of Afghanistan.“ The shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, had no military experience.

Her most recent remarks come after a vote in the Committee to improve education benefits and mental health services for veterans of all service branches. Lopez opposed the bill and was the only no vote, telling reporters that she opposed it on constitutional grounds. When pressed further, she admitted however, that “she hates the fucking constitution.”

Minutes after making the remark, she told reporters that she misspoke and didn’t mean to use profanity.
“I only voted no on the bill because I support the troops, but don’t support the war,” Lopez said. “Besides, if these numbskulls would quit enlisting, we wouldn’t need to support the stupid fucks. That last part’s off the record, by the way.”


I’m sure the troops support you, too, Linda.

UPDATE: Duh. The Duffel Blog, which as David Nicholas was kind enough to remind me, is a satire site. I was just chuckling a couple weeks ago at some leftwing blogs they’d fooled.

Ah, well — today it was my turn.


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