Squint or You'll Miss It: Part II

So, RIM will release an all-new BlackBerry PlayBook line next week.

It will do… poorly.

SORT OF RELATED: One analyst calls the upcoming Microsoft Surface tablet “the next Zune.” Here’s more:


Just about the last thing Microsoft (MSFT) wants to hear right now is comparisons of any of its products to the Zune, its failed iPod killer that mercifully got the axe last year. But InformationWeek reports that Canalys analyst Tim Coulling this week dropped the Z-bomb when discussing Microsoft’s highly-anticipated Surface tablets, writing that ”the information available to date suggests the prices of both will be too high to capture significant market share, and a direct sales approach will prove inadequate” and that “we expect the Surface pads to have a similar impact on the PC industry as Zune did in portable music players.”



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