"I am gay and I support Chick-fil-A."

We’re here, we’re queer — pass the ketchup:

day after hundreds of local residents took part in the so-called Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, another California Chick-fil-A supporter added his voice to the ongoing national debate surrounding the fast-food restaurant.

“I am gay and I support Chick-fil-A,” 19-year-old Redding resident Matt Perez wrote in a CNN iReport.

Perez goes on to say Chick-fil-A Chief Executive Dan Cathy has been “unfairly attacked” for a recent interview in which Cathy said he and his company were against gay marriage. The comments drew strong reactions as customers pledged to boycott the chain and some mayors proclaimed they would not allow Chick-fil-A to open within their cities.

“As a gay man, I say let him not support gays,” Perez writes. “When the gay community and gay activist groups push on anti-gay people and organizations to change their minds and opinions via bullying or forced involvement, I fear it would make whatever accomplishments taste cheap like a greasy coin.”


Free speech — it’s for everybody. And that’s fabulous.


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