It's Official: The Washington Post is the DNC's Propaganda Arm

John Nolte:

Over at the anti-gay BuzzFeed Politics, a couple of its writers pretended to know what the next phase of Romney’s game-plan is but in doing so dropped this juicy nugget today [emphasis mine]:

The trouble [for the Romney campaign] began precisely at midnight on June 21st, when the Washington Post reported that Bain Capital-owned companies moved jobs overseas, a report followed in what appeared to be seconds by a prepared statement from Obama adviser David Axelrod.

So the Washington Post’s wildly dishonest article (that they would later walk back) posts at midnight and in a display of dazzling speed, David Axelrod — in the middle of the night — has a prepared statement capitalizing on this story all ready to go.

It’s pretty obvious Axelrod knew what was coming and it was the Romney campaign that found itself blindsided.


The fix is in. Fight it.


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