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Chevy Cruze Sales Declining - No Word on Sherrod Brown's Poll Numbers

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown made a campaign commercial staring himself and a Chevy Cruze. He should have stuck to the script:

In the new ad, Brown shows off specific Cruze components, rattling off a few parts and where they were made.

"The engine block's made in Defiance," says Brown, head under the hood.

"Transmission from Toledo," he adds seconds later, from the driver's seat. "And it's all assembled in Lordstown."

But in between the engine block and the transmission, Brown improvises.

"Aluminum wheels," he says as he kicks one for effect and a split-screen close-up emerges. "Cleveland."

If you've seen one car commercial, you've seen them all. There's always a catch.

The wheels? Not aluminum. And not made in Cleveland.

The campaign's communications director claims, "He was speaking generically."

Aluminum. Cleveland. Generic.

Good to know.