Quick & Dirty Guide to Postmodern Naval Warfare

StrategyPage looked at the Pentagon’s evolving “AirSea” battle plans for the Pacific (i.e., China) and revealed this little gem:

Since the first nuclear weapons were used in 1945, there has been the longest period of peace between major powers in human history. These days a “major power” is one that has nuclear weapons and can deliver them against other nuclear armed nations. Thus any maritime blockade of China will be a very risky undertaking. That said, it can be done without submarines. Simply order the Western maritime insurance companies to withdraw insurance for ships or cargoes entering or leaving China. That will have immediate effect. China can scramble to try and replace the insurance covering, but along with the “insurance bomb” comes the U.S. declaration that the coastal waters of China are now under blockade and any ship ignoring that is subject to attack. It goes downhill from there, until compromise and moderation replace the war fever.

It’s nice to know lawfare isn’t just something to be waged against us.