The Best Thing You Will Read All Weekend

I’m republishing this in full, since it isn’t from a commercial site. I’d also like to ask you to pass it around and do the same.

My apology to conservative America.

I can only write about my experience, but I pray there are thousands like me who will show up in November.

“My vote won’t make a difference”. I remember telling my wife, Erin, only 6 months ago. I believed it. I figured the majority would always win, and I was part of that majority. So why even bother?

At 43 years of age, I have never voted once in my life. My eyes would roll when anyone in the family wanted to talk politics. I had more important things to attend to: business, family, fun… selfishness.

6 months ago I joined twitter, but only to dip my toe in for business purposes. I had planned on following hotels around the country (my main clientele) so as to build relationships to increase sales. Then, someone re-tweeted @dloesch, and it was a very conservative tweet. Initially I thought to myself, “this person has some balls, don’t they know they could lose leftist business”!?

The re-tweet inspired me to look at who @dloesch was following, and to read more and more and more tweets: hooked.

I’m not much of a writer, but suffice it to say that twitter has changed my life. I now embrace the fact that there are MILLIONS out there who value our constitution, our right to have a voice, and our right to tell Obama “NO”!

Now, instead of rolling my eyes at my father-in-law, I join him in conversation, debate and SHOWING UP FOR THE VOTE!

God bless all of you! And if you don’t like my views, don’t buy my product! I’m done being a pussy.

Greg Beckemeier


Thank you, Greg. And no apology was ever necessary. Welcome on board.

I think there are a lot of Gregs out there.



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