From the Wisconsin Recall Erection

No, that’s not a typo in the headline — not according to Erin Gloria Ryan. Brace yourself:

Even as the Democratic National Committee profits from the “Republican war on women” meme, liberals opposing Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., have decided to attack the governor by targeting a woman in his campaign on the basis of her history of “unnatural sexiness.”

Ciara Matthews, Walker’s communications director, is under fire for being both pro-life and a former Hooters restaurant waitress. “Profitting (sic) from selling a plasticized form of unnatural sexiness designed to arouse men while simultaneously believing that women should be forced to face the ‘consequences’ of actually giving into to their sexual desires is a pretty backward way of thinking,” the Jezebel’s Erin Gloria Ryan suggested, while apparently trying to embarrass Matthews by posting a “hilarious” photo of her wearing a Hooters uniform.

Remember, it was the left who declared Sarah Palin wasn’t “a real woman,” and the Herman Cain isn’t really black. There’s a war going on, all right — and it’s against the individual.