Let the Excuse-Mongering Begin!

A few headlines for you from today and yesterday:

Why the health-care law might stand at the Supreme Court

Obamacare: Not Dead Yet

In Defense of Don Verrilli: Why the Solicitor General Actually Did a Great Job Defending Obamacare

Obamacare’s Supreme Court Disaster

Why the Obamacare Verdict Won’t Have Any Effect on the 2012 Election

Another Worrisome Morning at the Supreme Court


These headlines aren’t from PJ Media or Reason or the Washington Times. No, they come from the Washington Post, The Nation, The New Republic, Mother Jones, and then TNR two more times. I should mention that TNR has been in all-hands-on-deck crisis mode trying to prop up ObamaCare. But, really, it’s no more than a cold washcloth on the forehead of the victim of a very nasty fever.

Needless to say, this isn’t how presumptive winners talk.

UPDATE: I almost missed A.B. Stoddard, wearing Eu de Desperation, arguing that “Appeal Helps Obama.”

OH, FINE — ONE MORE: The Doyle McManus subhead claims, “The president chose a mandate to avoid a tax hike. Now that decision has put his healthcare law at risk.”

I usually just blame it on the Bossa Nova.


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