Deep Thoughts, by a Daily Kossack

Over at DailyKos, IgnoreAtYourPeril has written a touching poem I’d like to share with you. If you could drop your cynicism for a moment and open up your heart, I think you’ll get something meaningful out of his simple words. It’s called “Why I’m a Liberal,” and it goes like this:


I want to live in a society that cares,
And gives everyone a chance.
No lottery of birth, or fortune with heirs,
An equal opportunity to advance.

It shouldn’t matter that your are empty-handed,
You have the right to be healthy.
You should not be left sick and stranded,
And only get care if you’re wealthy.

Is it fair to work long without sleep
And bring home a tiny fraction
Of those at the top of the heap
And be a victim of the firm’s contraction.

There is no commerce without spenders,
No business without the nation’s roads
Without borrowers there are no lenders,
And your empire starves and implodes.

I don’t care if you are gay,
and married you want to be.
You should all be free to worship and pray,
And as a non-believer I should be free.

I am liberal because I belong,
to a society of many,
Working together we are strong,
Divided, the wealthy get our penny.

There’s a tear in the corner of my eye right now, and this isn’t the first time I’ve read it today. In fact, IgnoreAtYourPeril has inspired me to write a little something of my own. I call it, “Why I’m a Conservative,” and in the interest of space, I’m publishing it below the fold.


So take a moment to catch your breath, then click the “Next Page” link to see where my heart lies.

Why I’m a Conservative

A Poem

by Stephen Green

aka The VodkaPundit

Get your hand off my wallet
You filthy weeping hippie

I hope this has touched each and every one of you.


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