What a Long Strange Trip, from the Bedroom to the Basement

Ten years ago almost this very moment, VodkaPundit was born with this inaugural post:

It is the VodkaPundit’s view that the best commentary comes after a lovely adult beverage or three. Just enough, in his grandfather’s wise words, to “loosen the lips and sharpen the wits.” Thus, you’ll find most new postings after 5pm.

The VodkaPundit is squirreled away in his Rocky Mountain hideaway, imbibing the news in safety and secrecy. Just so you know, he’ll be attacking things from the Decadence Caucus of the Heinlein Wing of the small-L libertarian perspective.

And a special thanks to Home Depot, without whom the new office dry bar would still be just a dream.

How long ago is ten years in blog time? A few weeks before launching VodkaPundit, I told the then-VodkaFiancée, “After the holidays, I’m going to start a blog.” And she said, “A what?”

A hobby turned into a job — so now the postings begin much earlier in the day. Part of that job involves sitting in front of a high-definition video camera, operated in real time from a studio in Los Angeles. That was unthinkable in 2002, when I was using an achingly slow dial-up connection and the notoriously unreliable BlogSpot.

People once known only virtually have become real friends, and some of those friends have become coworkers. But the song remains the same: Covering the absurd in American politics, and the delightful in American life.

And I’m going to keep doing it until somebody makes me stop.