Gorbachev: Tear Up This Vote

It’s always fun when a disgraced Commie thug claims an election was rigged — even when he’s right. Anyway, there’s this from wherever Mikhail Gorbachev is enjoying his retirement/self-imposed exile:


“Mikhail Gorbachev is very concerned about how the situation in Russia is developing,” spokesman Pavel Palezhchenko told CNN. “People don’t believe that the will of the people is reflected in the results.”

He confirmed a report by the Russian news agency Interfax, which quoted the former premier as saying the elections were unfair and new elections were needed.

The good news out of this is that thousands of Russians aren’t taking this lying down — there is a huge protest planned for Moscow. Other cities, too, I’d wager.

What Vladimir Putin forgot from the Soviet days is, if you’re going to steal an election, you’ve got to steal it big. Otherwise you just get everyone’s hopes up that they might have a slender chance at a fair election. And look where that gets you — your sad old boss calling you a fraud, and a bunch of skulls you’re going to have to crack.

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