Another Union, Another Subsidy Borne by Consumers

Steve Benen: Boeing/machinist union deal “takes away a key Republican talking point.”

You remember when the NLRB almost forced Boeing to close their non-union South Carolina plant — after Boeing had spent a billion dollars and hired a thousand employees. Well, Boeing and the union reached a wide-ranging agreement, which includes upping union production of the 737 MAX in Renton, Washington. What I can’t find is any indication of what will happen to the new plant in SC. Will it stay open? Will it expand production of 737s there as planned? The New York Times isn’t saying.

So what should be said is that the union used the NLRB as a club to beat more union jobs, pay raises, and big pensions out of Boeing. Costs, of course, will be passed on the consumers, courtesy of that big, swinging NLRB club.

This was never just a talking point. And it’s far from over.