It's Alive! Alive!

I took the red pill yesterday — gray, really — and now I’m radioactive!

Mostly what the iodine-131 has so far is to make my thyroid really, really angry. I’m sweating in anything more than 60° and could only sleep two-three hours last night. Haven’t been on the scale, but I suspect I’ve dropped a couple more pounds since yesterday.


Fear not: It’s all temporary. The goal is to kill about 75% of my thyroid. If the remainder stays hyper — nearly a given, given its hyperosity — then I’m set for life. If it doesn’t, then I take one of the synthetic thyroid pills every morning. Either way, no big deal.

The other effect is, I’m in seclusion. This works great for work, since I can still hide in my basement studio and do what I always do. But no eating with my family. No kissing my wife. No picking up my kids. I’m even sleeping in a guest room upstairs and keeping my laundry in a second pile. But it’s the staying away from the kids that really sucks.

Also, the kitten is pissed that my lap is out of business. But he’s a kitten, so he’s usually pissed off about something.


Otherwise, planning a regular day today. Shoot Trifecta here in a little bit, do some blogging, and then — if I don’t pass out from lack of sleep — drunkblogging the GOP debate tonight. It’s going to be a real challenge this time, though. The I-131 has my metabolism so jacked up, I get sober just about as fast as I drink.

I know this for a fact; I tested it last night. Thoroughly.



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