" ...and everybody hates the Jews!"

Wow. Just wow. New York mag is pulling out all the stops in the wake of NY09.

What — you don’t like the cover? How about this sick-making line:

In a way, history has been cruel to Obama, forcing him to succeed the wrong Bush—the one whose support for Israel, unlike that of his father, was uncritical to the point of blindness.


It’s all Bush’s fault. Still.

So I’m still sensing panic at the White House over the NY09 loss last week. My friend Rich Baehr is, I think, too optimistic when he argues that the GOP could capture its biggest share of the Jewish vote since Eisenhower. But it’s safe to say that Jewish voters — and Jewish donors — won’t come out in force in 2012 like they did in for Obama in 2008.

With the economy still in the tank, Obama’s reelection strategy rests on twin pillars:

• Demonize the opposition.
• Turn out the base.

The first part is easy, especially with the Complicit Media at the President’s back. The second part gets much more difficult, when public sector unions are losing their clout in states like Wisconsin, black unemployment is over 15%, and Jews are dissatisfied and distressed by the President.

The GOP doesn’t have to suddenly make pals with Andy Stern or convince millions of African Americans and Jews to switch parties. All that has to happen is, those folks stay at home and don’t vote “O.” To some extent, these things are already happening. We saw it in NY09 just a week ago — and in Wisconsin, Ohio, and New Jersey in the months before that.


The New York cover is just the first of many attempts by the Complicit Media and the White House to shore up the Jewish vote. It remains to be seen if it will work.


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