The Definition of Insanity: Paying Attention to Harold Meyerson

Oh, fer crin’ out loud — maybe President Obama can’t learn on the job because he reads Harold Meyerson. Here’s the sage advice Meyerson is handing out in the Washington Post:

Mr. President, it’s time to go big on the economic solutions. It’s time to propose a massive second stimulus, offset by some serious tax hikes and budget cuts once the economy regains a semblance of good health. Republicans won’t go for it, but they don’t go for small economic solutions either, be they extensions of unemployment insurance or a miniaturized infrastructure bank. (The current level of GOP commitment to infrastructure would about cover the purchase of a Lego set.)

Economically, the case for a massive stimulus is a good deal stronger than the case for the rather minimal one that you’re calling for — extending unemployment insurance and the payroll tax cut, and establishing an infrastructure bank. A major stimulus is the only conceivable source of substantially increased economic activity and jobs for at least several years.

I’m speechless. Just speechless.