Hope You Like Your Little Tiny Tent

What Roger said:

I cannot speak for PJM as of yet — it’s the weekend and I’m in a ferry queue in Seattle — but I had to speak out personally in immediate support of my friend Andrew Breitbart regarding GOProud. I too will not be attending CPAC next year unless the ban of this organization is lifted. Frankly I am appalled by the decision of CPAC’s new management and I hope they will rescind as soon as possible. If they don’t, I won’t be there. I urge others to deliver the same message.


I stand with GOProud, too. CPAC’s decision — and they’ve been toying with giving GOProud the boot for a year or two — smacks of simple bigotry.

Shame on them.

UPDATE: Charlie Martin adds his support, too. Good on ya, my friend.


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