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An Open Letter

Dear Tea Party Republicans,

I've been with you from the start. One of the very first Tea Party rallies -- a scant 70 or so attendees -- was on the Capitol building steps in Denver, here in the state I've called home for even longer than I've actually lived here. At that moment, I was attending CPAC in Washington, and when I heard the news I thought, "I'm in the wrong place. I should be there, not here."

That's what I want you to know, before I say what I'm about to say.

Fake spending cuts are better than fake spending cuts paired with genuine tax hikes.

Do you get that? We don't -- yet -- have the numbers to produce real reform in Washington. To do that, we must capture the Senate and the White House next year. And we cannot do those things, we cannot do the things we sent you to Washington to do, if you don't compromise right now with Harry Reid's Senate.

I know that's awful. I know it hurts. But if you screw this up today, there won't be a tomorrow for you. For us. For this country.

Compromise now, and you'll put Obama in a box from which it will be very difficult for him to escape. Refuse, and he will box us all up good and tight, then throw the box in the Potomac.

I'll say it again: Fake spending cuts are better than fake spending cuts paired with genuine tax hikes.

Take the deal. Take it so we can fight another day. Refuse it, and go back to the wilderness.