An Open Letter to Comment Spammers

If you want to get past my spam filters, as well as my own eagle eye, you’ve got to take a different approach.

Here’s what you usually try to post:

“Hi! I love your writing style on this most excellent blog you have. I’ll check back often!”


And then it’s signed with a name like “cheap auto insurance,” or “filthy hot MILF porn.”

That never works. Not even once. It’s like you people have never looked at the internets before.

Instead, try leaving 200-300 words correcting me on a point I never made, which is at best tangentially related to the post in question, followed by an obscenity-laced promise to never visit my idiot blog again.

And then you can sign it with “cheap auto insurance” or “filthy hot slut porn” or even “hot melted puppies” and I’d never notice. Automatic approval!


Your friendly neighborhood VodkaPundit.


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