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Gross Incompetence in Kandahar

Underreported item of the day:

Toryalai Wesa, Governor of Kandahar told TOLOnews that 476 prisoners have escaped from jail today and some of them have been recaptured by Afghan forces in the province.

Mr Wesa added that all the escapees were political prisoners except one.

"The enemy dug a tunnel from a house to the jail and at 04:30 early today we heard that some prisoners had escaped," Mr Wesa said.

Meanwhile, the acting police chief of Kandahar, Sher Shah Yousufzai, also confirmed the escape and said last night some political prisoners broke out of the prison.

I doubt it's a surprise to anyone that Karzai holds so many political prisoners. Although there is some confusion as to why we continue to put so much stock in him.